Welcome to the intersection of economics and cutting-edge technology—welcome to the Economics for Deep Tech program at Menschforce College. In a world where technological advancements redefine economic landscapes, our program is meticulously designed to empower students with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to navigate the complexities of Deep Tech economics.

The Economics for Deep Tech program at Menschforce College transcends traditional economic studies. It’s a transformative journey into the realm where Deep Tech innovations shape economic paradigms. Our program aims not only to prepare students for the economic challenges of today but also to position them as strategic thinkers influencing the technological and economic future.

Core Components of the Program

1. Foundations of Economics:

Students delve into the fundamental principles of economics, providing a strong foundation for understanding economic dynamics in the context of Deep Tech. Concepts such as supply and demand, market structures, and economic indicators are explored.

2. Deep Tech Frameworks:

Our curriculum introduces students to the frameworks and theories that underpin Deep Tech economics. From the economic impact of artificial intelligence (AI) to the dynamics of blockchain and other emerging technologies, students gain insights into the economic dimensions of Deep Tech.

3. Data Economics:

Explore the economic implications of data in the Deep Tech era. Students learn how data, often referred to as the new oil, influences business models, market structures, and economic decision-making.

4. Policy and Regulation in Deep Tech:

Examine the economic consequences of policies and regulations in the Deep Tech space. From antitrust considerations to data privacy laws, students gain an understanding of how regulatory frameworks shape economic behavior in the tech-driven landscape.


the Economics for Deep Tech program at Menschforce College is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of economists equipped to navigate and shape the future at the intersection of technology and economics. Join us on this exciting journey, where economics meets innovation, and together, let’s explore the intricate connections between Deep Tech and economic paradigms.