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USA – West Virginia

menschForce Career College, West Virginia

menschForce Members Career College, West Virginia is organized under the menschForce Members Association an unincorporated nonprofit Association in West Virginia. The college is categorized as Correspondence, Business, Occupational, and Trade Schools under Title 135 of the West Virginia Legislative Rule for Community and Technical College Education under Section 3. Exceptions (Section 3.1.4). That says, “Any training or apprenticeship program conducted by a company, union, or other organization in which students, members, or employees enrolled in the training or educational programs are not charged tuition or other fees”.

All our Programs are free of charge for our members who enroll in the West Virginia Jurisdiction College.

 Canada – British Columbia

menschForce Career College, British Columbia

The menschForce Career College, British Columbia is organized under the statutes of the menschForce Association of Trade, Commerce & Economics, Canada.

Oversight Body: Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills

Regulatory Framework: menschForce members Career College is regulated under the Private Training Act of British Columbia, Canada

Category: Exempt from Certification Requirement from Private Training Act: The PTA does not apply to Professional organizations established under an Act providing career-related programs to their members, if the program is part of professional requirements or for professional development. According to the PTA Act Part 2, Division 1 : Requirements of Certification, Appendix 1

Programs of Instruction Approvals

According to Private Training Ac,  PRIVATE TRAINING REGULATION B.C. Reg. 153/2016,

Part 3(APPROVAL OF PROGRAMS OF INSTRUCTION), Clause 10 (2) (b) – (b) an employer-provided program that is not provided to international students who require a study permit.


menschForce Career Institution, India

In India, the menschForce Association of Trade, Commerce & Economics, Canada established as AOP – Association of Persons and it runs the menschForce Career Training Institutions offering non-college, non-university diploma programs that are not recognized by AICTE or UGC. The merits of the programs are purely assessed based on the reputation of the menschForce Association and its Frameworks.